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KIKAR Portable UV Sanitizer Hand Wand (Item Number: L1BE)
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Portable UV Sanitizer Wand - Ultra Violet Light Kills Bacteria & Germs
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- Portable, light weight, easy to use
- Battery operated – 4xAA batteries required (not included)
- Assurance to hygiene
- Laboratory tests prove it can kill viruses, germs and bacteria (99.9% rate) including dust mites and bed bugs
- A Majority of daily essentials can be scanned eg. Furniture, pillows, mattresses, cutleries, keyboards, toilet etc
- Quick and efficient results – germs are killed by one scan
- Safe to human, pets and animals
- Invisible UV rays
- LED display to indicate its operational status
- 3 timer settings - auto-turn off in 5 minutes/ 15 minutes/ 30 minutes
- Beneficial to people who suffer Allergies, Asthma and Rhinitis etc
- Suitable for both domestic/commercial use and public services such as hotels, hospitals
- Build-in safety switch: the UV light will automatically switch off when the steriliser is rotated upwards.

With all the frightening news about viruses, germs, MRSA and disease flooding into our world, we can be hopeless on how to tackle them. Worse still, if you are born with some natural diseases, there is an increased chance that you are more susceptible to those life threatening killers!

The germs are invisible with no smell, no noise and no taste. Carrying Anti-bacterial wipes with you can be an inconvenience and cannot be used on everything, especially in the public!

You do not want to see your beloved ones, the fragile elderly, innocent children, and babies to catch any illness. In order to minimise the risk of being infected, the safest bet is to eliminate the germs as much as you can. Prevention is an easier process rather than tackling the issue.

With this Handheld UV Steriliser, you will be 99.99% assured that all your love ones are protected, no matter where you are. This innovative device can be used on most objects and once the object is scanned by the steriliser, it becomes germ-free as the DNA and RNA based germs are killed or deactivated in an instant.

This portable, lightweight, handheld steriliser is designed for both domestic and commercial use. You can scan anywhere in your home including bathroom, beds, sofas, light switches, door handles, kitchen, nurseries, handrails etc where there is higher chance for those unwelcomed organisms to stay. When you are out, this convenient device can be brought with you to give you protection in the public areas where germs can spread rapidly from person to person and object to object.

Companies such as hotels, hospitals, schools, cleaners etc find this is the most cost efficient and time saving method to maintain the high level of disinfection standards. They can provide their customers protection against bacteria & viruses including MRSA, SARS, clostridium difficile (CDF), anthrax, flu, hand, foot and mouth disease etc.


Q: What is that UV light used inside the handheld UV Steriliser?
A: It’s called Ultraviolet (UV-C) light. A common one is UV-B, which is widely used at tanning salon sun bedding. UV-C has higher frequency of the UV light that can kill germs. It is part of the ultraviolet light spectrum.

Q: Is UV-C harmful?
A: Only prolonged exposure (ie. 8 or more
hours) to UV-C light will be harmful for human.

Q: How UV-C kills germs?
A: UV-C light is highly effective at penetrating thin-walled germs like viruses and bacteria. The light alters the genetic structure of the germ and they die.

UV-C light is not visible to the naked eye due to its location on the electromagnetic spectrum. But just because it cannot be seen does not mean it won’t eliminate germs, bacteria, viruses and mould. Thanks to its germicidal wavelength (AKA frequency), UV-C is ideally located in the spectrum that best inactivates microorganisms and viral air contaminants. When a virus or microorganism comes in contact with UV-C its nucleus is penetrated, and its DNA is irreparably damaged, which results in death or the inability to reproduce, as well as the spread of unwanted germs! By applying UV-C light we are able to do more than just put up a blockade we are able to terminate the source of the problem.

Q: Does UV-C light damage anything tangible?
A: No - it does not damage any material and it does not leave any chemical residue after scan.

Q: Is UV-C the latest invention?
A: No, in fact it has been used for over 100 years. Scientists applied it to kill germs on surfaces, in the air and in the water since 1930s. Now the advanced technology has emerged this useful source into this handheld UV steriliser.

Q: Why does the air in my office still contains germs even if the air con is on?
A: The warmth and moisture found in the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) systems of office buildings make the perfect breeding ground for airborne moulds, microorganisms and bacteria. These HVAC systems also provide an ideal way to circulate viruses and germs around an entire office building or home in a relatively short time

Buy safe UV-C product! This product comes with following safety features:

1. Safety cover which mounted in front of the UV-C light can shields and protects users from direct contact with UV-C light.
2. Timer setting - auto-turn off in 5 minutes/ 15 minutes/ 30 minutes when not in use.
3. Build-in safety switch: the UV light will automatically switch off when the steriliser is rotated upwards. This allows for additional eye protection and will avoid any unnecessary accidents (children reach it for example).
4. CE, RoHS, FCC certified.



‧ Size: L363 x W40 x H31 mm
‧ Weight: 140g
‧ UV-C Lamp: 3W DC Lamp
‧ UV Wavelength: UV-C (253.7nm)
‧ Raldiation: >2500uw/cm2
‧ Battery: 4x AA
‧ Certificate(s): CE, RoHS

Available color: Blue or Green. (Please tell us your color selection during checkout. Otherwise, we will send the item in random color to you. Thank you.)

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